Window films

Window films

Window films

We fight the heat for you

Revolutionising the functionality of windows at your home.

We provide glass enhancement films such as window tint and safety film for you

Window Tint

We pride ourselves in helping you to fight the heat with our tinting film. Find out more about the benefits.

Glass Films

Films such as safety films, privacy films and customised design films are available as well for the aesthetic of your place.

Before NanoShield

Heats and UV ray enters directly into your house, trapping the heat in your house.

With NanoShield

NanoShield Tinting effectively blocks the heat and UV rays, giving you the cool and an enjoyable place at home

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Solar Film

Providing you comfort by giving you highest IR rejection

Nano Ceramic Window film is the highest quality film that improves comfort due to maximum heat reduction, has the highest IR rejection as compared to other films and filters out 99% of UVA & UVB rays.

Infra-Red Rejection


Ultra-Violet Rejection


Total Solar Energy Rejection

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